COVID-19 Information page

For PERKESO, these are the instructions:
  1. Company must download employee name list from PERKESO and email the list to MCMC (

    Please include:
    i. Company name
    ii. Company registration number
    iii. Company address
    iv. Company phone number
  2. Then MCMC need to give this headcount & company details to PERKESO to apply for the exact total number of kits
  3. After PERKESO approves of MCMC's application, MCMC will go to PERKESO office to get the test kits
  4. After everything is complete, MCMC start arranging the test for your staff

    PERKESO tests kit are free, but there are administrative charges by MCMC depending on how many pax you need to send for the test

    Booking will depend on our availability