inpatient services

Matron Chai Nyuk Moi
Sister Maria Abdullah
Sister Helen Rangai Udan
Our nursing staff is headed by Matron Chai and Sister Maria who are both very experienced nursing administrators, ensuring the smooth running of nursing care and continued learning and training of all nurses.

Sister Helen who is directly in-charge of the inpatient wards, is tasked with ensuring that the wards are kept in good condition and clinically conducive to the recovery of our patients.

We have mixed medical and surgical wards located on the 2nd and 3rd floor of the main building. Rooms are divided into several categories to cater for individual patient preference.
Our nursing team is highly experienced, energetic and receptive towards further learning. Continuous Nursing Education programs are scheduled every month to ensure that our nurses are up-to-date with new medication, medical equipment and nursing management.

Nurses are also given the opportunity to further their studies into post-basic courses of their interest so that they may serve patients better.