pharmacy department

Ms Wong Siew Wen
Our Pharmacy Department provides comprehensive pharmaceutical services. There are two pharmacy counters at Miri City Medical Centre of which, one is located on the ground floor in the A&E Department while the other counter is located on the first floor at the specialist's clinics.

The ground floor pharmacy supplies medication to patients from the A&E Department, warded patients and also those collecting medication upon discharge from the hospital. Whereas the first floor pharmacy supplies medication to patients from all the various Specialist Clinics.

Both pharmacy counters provide over-the-counter medication services. Medication prescriptions from MCMC doctors and also other hospitals and healthcare centres are accepted here.

Our pharmacist provides advice and support to our doctors, nurses and other members of the healthcare team regarding medications with the aim of optimising patient care. She will also counsel patients on their medications and answer any questions or concerns that may arise any time throughout the patient's hospital stay.

Medications are known to have cross reactions. Therefore, patients should always bring any medication that they may be taking at home to the hospital because it will help us to choose the best management and treatment.

Pharmacy operating hours:

A&E pharmacy: 24 hours every day
First floor pharmacy: 8am - 10pm every day including public holidays.