12 April 2020 - Health Information on COVID-19 For Eye Patients
23rd February 2020 - Health Information on Cataract Eye Disease
19th February 2020 - Early Hearing Screening for Newborn
Newborn Hearing Screening

Good hearing is essential for a child's overall development. However, hearing loss is one of the most common birth disability. Approximately 3 out of 1,000 babies are born with significant hearing loss. If a child's hearing loss goes undetected at birth, it c an result in delay in language learning, social development and future education.

Screening newborns can help those with hearing problems to receive early intervention, and help children to achieve equal opportunities in social, emotional and language development as their peers.
Painless Delivery with Labour Epidural
This is a simple brochure delivering straight-to-the-point information to answer common concerns and myths surrounding labour epidural. Do spend 5 minutes of your precious time to understand this wonderful method of relieving childbirth pain. We will be sure to update this website if in future, if someone manages to develop a machine that can transfer ALL CHILDBIRTH PAIN from mother to father.