What is the opening hours for vaccination at MCMC?

Our vaccination counter is in front of the hospital at ground floor. We run vaccination program from:

Monday to Friday: 8.30am to 3pm
Saturday: 8.30am to 1pm

What must I bring along?

Pen, Identification card, vaccine card, MySejahtera (phone)

Can I walk-in to receive a booster vaccine?

We have "walk-in" vaccination for PFIZER only.

However, we need to make sure that you meet the necessary requirements such as:
1. minimum duration between your 2nd dose vaccine and the booster dose
2. your name is not locked into another vaccination centre (we can still vaccinate you but MySejahtera E-cert will be delayed 2-4weeks).

Can I change MySejahtera vaccination centre to MCMC?

No because at the moment, MySejahtera does not give us direct authority to register you into our system. Any attempt by us to register you will be blocked automatically by MySejahtera system.

However, we can still vaccinate you but the MySejahtera E-cert will be delayed for 2-4 weeks.

Can I vaccinate at MCMC if I reschedule or cancel the appointment in MySejahtera?

If your name is still locked into the previous vaccination centre, we can still vaccinate you but MySejahtera E-cert will be delayed 2-4week.

I have registered with MCMC as a SINOVAC standby vaccinee. When will I get my appointment?

We only contact "standby" vaccinees whenever we have excess vaccine from people who did not turn up for MySejahtera vaccination appointment.

What is the minimum duration between 2nd dose vaccine and booster dose?

Pfizer is 3 months
AztraZeneca is 3 months
Sinovac is 3 months.

What are the vaccine brands used for booster vaccination?

Currently only Pfizer and Sinovac are offered for booster vaccination.

Will AstraZeneca vaccinees be given booster vaccination?

AstraZeneca vaccines will be given Pfizer booster

During previous dose 1 & 2 vaccination program, which vaccine was safely given to pregnant and breast-feeding mother?


Can I vaccinate if I am breast-feeding?

Yes both Pfizer and Sinovac have been approved as booster

Can I vaccinate if I am pregnant?

Yes, only Pfizer vaccine has been shown to be safe during pregnancy.

If my vaccine booster card shows vaccine expiry date in 2 week's time, does it mean that after booster dose, I am protected for 2 weeks only?

No, that is just how long we can keep the vaccine in the fridge.