haemodialysis unit

The Haemodialysis (HD) Unit was established in 2009 under the ownership of Renal Therapy Services Sdn Bhd and has since been a great mutual partner in providing affordable dialysis therapy for all patients.

The centre is currently running 13 dialysis machines with the strength of 11 staff nurses in order to meet the demand for their services. However, over the years we have seen a steady increase in the demand for renal replacement therapy and hence the Haemodialysis Unit will be installing another 4 more dialysis machines to open up more slots for new patients.

The Unit's operating hours are between 6am to 9pm from Monday to Saturday and those who are interested to receive treatment here are advised to call us up to apply for a HD slot.

Tel phone no: 085 423918

We are the panel centre for JPA, ATM and SOCSO.